A Simple Health Tip

A Simple Heath Tip:
A lot of people wrongly assume that excessive consumption of sugar, salt and fat  can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other fatal diseases such as cancer. In actually fact there are other variables such as lifestyles, habits and psychological stress can lead it. But the medical fraternity seems to leave out another important factor. The excessive consumption of carbohydrates. One can say that this is the major cause of major lifestyle disease anywhere in the world. To bring yourself back to optimum health, do the following.

Learn to wean yourself away from carbohydrate addiction. Yes, it’s an addiction! About 40 years ago the US FDA urged American to cut back on salt, sugar and fat intake but not a word was mentioned about excessive carbohydrates in ones diet. The result, there are more obese people in America today than at anytime in its entire history! More than 60% of the US population are obese! Why this is happening is because the directors of the FDA who are former CEOs of food and drug manufacturing companies have vested interests in food  production in the US, especially in the sales and marketing of wheat, rice,corn and sugar products. A massive conflict of interest you might say.So to make your life simple and healthy, cut your carb intake by 30% and increase your protein and vegetable intake by 30% i.e. by 15% each. Why? It’s because too much carbohydrates in the diet is the main cause of much of todays lifestyle diseases. Excessive carb consumption causes the blood to be overly acidic which disrupts the biological system which causes the immunological factors within the body to weaken. Carbohydrates need an alkaline medium to digest or breakdown and if there is not enough alkalinity in the system, the blood can become very acidic.

Let me explain. An unfavorable environment for the formation of healthy leukocytes and other immunological elements are the prime cause of diseases. This is, primarily caused by over acidity due to the presence of  toxins such as uric and lactic acids in the blood. When your immune system gets weak, you get sick. Period! This can also be caused by environmental factors, stress, and an imbalanced diet that is excessive in proteins or carbohydrates, insufficient water, poor digestion, poor assimilation or ‘mal-absorption’ as well as poor elimination.

Our DNA has all the necessary tools to heal the body, provided the ‘resources’ for healing are aplenty. As an analogy; our genes (DNA) are like the architects and the cells are builders in a city. If the architects are unable to provide the blueprint to the builders, they would have no knowledge and information about constructing a new building or rebuilding a damaged one, thus nothing gets built. If they construction workers are always weak and sick, nothing gets built, either. If they also have no access to the necessary materials and basic resources to build, like steel, concrete, water and wood, nothing gets built as well! The ‘resources’ comes from proper diet or nutrition as well as exercise and rest and a whole lot of positive thinking thrown in for good measure!

Get a list of alkaline foods to help your body to neutralize the acids in the system especially uric acids. (You can get a list of alkaline food as well as low glycemic food from the web).Vegetable juice, such as celery, has the power to do that. Carbs makes you fat. Fat does not make you fat. In fact you need fat to break down fat. You body needs the fat to produce the necessary hormones anyway. Proteins do not make you fat either; they produce amino-acids for the formation of muscles and healthy tissues. The byproduct is uric acid, and this can easily be neutralized by consuming alkaline food. Good quality vitamins and minerals are also essential because they help replenish the low levels of vitamins and minerals found in most of the food we eat, because the food, be it plant or animal, is grown or bred on depleted soil, or it has been depleted through the manufacturing process and through the addition of food additives. Organic food is good but it is much too expensive for the average person, or it is not easily available. Another thing to do is to consume a lot of food rich in anti-oxidants (Vitamin C and E) found in colorful vegetables (capsicum, beetroot, spinach, and broccoli) and fruits, such as plums, prune and berries, to help mitigate the effects of free radicals.

For those who have a weak constitution, it best to not combine carbs with proteins. This is because both require different mediums for digestion. Proteins and veggies can go well together as well as fats. Carbs can go well with veggies and fats as well. Drink no liquids at least an hour before or an hour after meals, because we do not need to dilute the gastric juices which will inhibit digestion, and cause the food to ferment. This will lead to mal-absorption and poor assimilation. Have fruits before meals because if you do have fruits after meals the fruit sugars will start fermenting. This will irritate the stomach lining, and will also disrupt digestion.

Learn to breathe properly as well. Practice breathing by the belly which is a sort of yoga method of breathing. Exercise by having brisk walks, cycling and swimming, especially if you are over 40. Jogging is not really recommended if you are over 40 because of the danger of shin splints and knee injuries. Exposure to early morning sun is also essential, because of the effect of Far Infra-Red waves. It is not only good for your skin but for the formation of vitamin D, which will help to strengthen your bones as well as your liver, which is your body’s ‘chemical factory’. Your liver helps the elimination of toxins.

If you are interested to know more, you are most welcome to post some questions to me for some free advice. Here’s to your health!

Detailed Listing of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods

A list of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods


Please also visit my friend’s mom, Diann Yunker’s link which is about the benefits of alkaline water



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