Reducing High Uric Acid Levels

Celery and celery seeds are also known to reduce high levels of uric acids in the system. Being a natural diuretic, it helps the elimination of uric acid crystals from the system.(It also tends to reduce sodium levels for people with low BP making them a bit faint, so moderation is the key here, they need to replace the sodium loss by taking in some extra salt). Anyway, raw celery or celery juice it is much safer than any off the counter drugs.Celery is excellent for hypertension as well.You can also take grape seed oil which is somewhat like olive oil but  much more effective in strengthening the digestive system. ‘Transfer factors’, lactobacillus, yogurt  and enzyme extracts can also be of great help for your digestion.

Proper low carb and high alkaline diets may also help. Since poor amino acid/carbohydrate metabolism is the cause for the symptoms of gout, arthritis, rheumatism and to certain extent psoriasis, the proper combination of proteins, carbohydrates and alkalinic food such as vegetables and greens is essential, especially vegetables and fruits which have a lot of color,eat the rainbow so to speak.Try not to mix carbs with proteins as much as possible, simply because people with poor digestive systems cannot breakdown them properly for assimilation, which is sometimes referred to as mal-absorption. Carbs need an alkaline medium to break down and proteins need acids, basically when acids and alkalies mix they neutralize each other.

Try to have fruits at least 1/2 an hour before meals and less liquid intake during meals. Have a drink at least an hour later. Why less liquid intake during meals? Because liquids, like water, tends to dilute the strong hydrochloric acids in the stomach preventing proper digestion. This leads to the fermentation of the food in the stomach, which is bad new for your stomach. Try these simple methods. Anyway you have nothing to lose except some extra weight!

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