The Cancer Industry

Do you really think that the current medical fraternity is interested in finding a cure for cancer? It’s just like the so called ‘War Against Terror’. It’s  a futile or a quixotic attempt to fight against something one is not totally aware of. On the same vein,we can also  ask ourselves whether we can really win the ‘Drug War’. If the drug enforcement authorities, like the DEA are really interested in the ridding the world of illegal drugs, their very success would mean  an end to their existence, which means the end of the DEA! A classic ‘Catch 22’ situation! Same thing applies here.Legalized drug pushers, aka the pharmaceutical companies, have a lot to lose if a cure for cancer was found. Funny thing is, there will be no cure for cancer if the current philosophy or belief system is pursued, period! The cancer industry is a huge money making franchise.

The adage, ‘know thy enemy’ is not fully realized in this context, simply because the medical experts are so focused on how to destroy cancer cells, that they are not taking into consideration the fact that they are also messing up the immune system. Ironically, it is a weak immune system that starts the onset of cancer. Current research is proving that a weak immune system, created by poor lifestyle choices,smoking,alcohol, pollution, ‘electronic smog’, diet, free-radicals and carcinogens causes cancer to develop. A weak immune system invites a whole barrage of viruses, retro-viruses and bacteria to attack the defenceless  human organism, so much so that a weak immune system which is totally stressed up in the ‘body’s ecology’,( that is the the environment which is necessary for a strong immune system to exist) makes the immune system to go amok and attack healthy cells. The body’s acidity level caused by the viral and bacterial invasion in the first place, makes the immune system weak.It’s as simple as that! So a simple commonsensical approach is to first neutralize the body’s acidity and second to ‘re-educate’ the immune system to identify and kill the invading foreign entities. Of course a healthy lifestyle, lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, alkaline water, exercise and a healthy dose of sunshine helps too! A product called ‘4Life -Transfer Factor’ seems to help as well, in reeducating the immune system.(The flyer for the product is attached above). Log on to:


Just last week I lost a friend named Joseph to this dreaded disease. I have also lost a few friends, a brother in law, 4 aunts and a few realtives, not to cancer but to chemotherapy! They have spent their life earnings, and even their families savings as well, just to die in the end, if they are not insured that is. Even if they had had got themselves medical insurance, it was not even enough to cover the cost for the chemotherapy or cancer treatment.

It is high time that we, the sane people of the  world, take control of our lives instead of handing it over to some medical zealots, people like the pharmaceutical industries, the medical establishments and even the FDA, who are hell bent in enriching themselves and their cohorts, at our expense!

The cartoon given below is worth a thousand words!

For more of such tongue in cheek look at  medical establishments goto:




The Cancer Industry
The Cancer Industry

*Cartoons  from Truth Publishing.com

Transfer factors products such as 4Life Transfer Factor extracted from colostrum are known to be immune boosters.


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