The Sick Industry

The Sick Industry

I have posted this comment of this health related site:http://www.thesickindustry.com/

(Click on this link to view the video)

-I have been commenting on this matter for years! Unfortunately, agencies like the FDA are agents of malicious intent working for the benefit of the drug manufacturers. In fact the directors and top brass of the FDA have some connection to the drug companies. This reeks of conflicts of interest of the highest order. The medical fraternity, knowingly or unwittingly have climbed into the band wagon, misinforming the public or maybe even have deliberately become specialists in disinformation, leading the public to their doom.
These government agencies are the very creators of the health epidemic worldwide. They have been created to address health issues not create and compound it. Anyway, the legalized ‘drug cartels’ are laughing all the way to the bank, all in the name of profit, and the public be damned! The public now has to bear the added medical costs, such as higher medical insurance rates, which is already straining the US economy. Agencies such as the FDA and all health related institutions; both government and private entities should be overhauled, forcing it to be more transparent, because absolute power corrupts absolutely! I hope leaders in the medical fraternity do  something about this over dependency on pharmaceutical drugs for the sake of our future generation!



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